The Second Conference on Hermeneutics and Translation Studies

Translational Hermeneutics  - Applications in New Areas

The 2nd “Hermeneutics and Translation Studies Symposium” took place at the CUAS in Cologne on 11 – 12 July 2013. About 50 participants heard high-level scholarly lectures on the subject of Translational Hermeneutics. The president of the university personally welcomed the audience and stressed the great interest of the university in such an event, underlining how the CUAS – with its focus on applied sciences – was interested to see how the conference and Translational Hermeneutics in particular would come to bear on the practice of translation and interpreting.

Hermeneutics and Translation Studies
Conference on May 26 and 27, 2011
ITMK, University of Applied Sciences in Cologne


With speakers from various European countries, USA, and China, the first Hermeneutics and Translation Studies Conference, held on the 26th and 27th of May, 2011, was a ground breaking event.
With a rich conference program, the papers presented covered a wide range of topics including literary and specialized translation, the place of individual knowledge and experience in translational hermeneutics, the role of hermeneutics in the Muslim tradition of exegetics and translation, the question concerning the possibility of an hermeneutical method, the role of any given “pre-understanding” of history and/or culture in the process of interpreting and translating, etc. In particular questions concerning the proper place and definition of “subjectivity”, "phenomenology" and “method” in translational hermeneutics emerged as the primary points of contention. The conference also provided ample opportunity for networking – especially at the evening dinner  at the Stanley residence – and thus fostered continued research in the area of translational hermeneutics.